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Apartment Cleaning/Turnover Services

Rapidly get new tenants into apartments thanks to our efficiency and eye for detail. More than 25 years of experience equips us to leave apartments sparkling clean in no time. The new tenants will be pleased, and you’ll be able to keep your rental business going strong. Let Smith’s Janitorial help you build a reputation for clean, beautiful living spaces in Centre County and the surrounding areas. Contact our cleaning crew today for more information!

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Keep Your Apartments Full

We aren’t landlords, but we know that empty, dirty apartments are the last thing you want. Whenever a tenant moves out, let us swoop in and prepare the property for a new tenant. You’ll be able to fill the apartment sooner, while maintaining a reputation for being a landlord who offers quality housing and great customer service. Contact Smith’s Janitorial today for all your apartment cleaning needs!

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Apartment buildings can be a great source of income, which means that you want to make sure that you keep tenants happy and units occupied. As people move and units become available, you want to minimize the amount of time they remain open. When you hire Smith’s Janitorial to provide professional cleaning services for your apartments, you can trust that they will be sanitized and ready for the next tenant in a timely manner.

For more than two decades, our Top Rated Local® commercial cleaning company has been serving businesses in Centre County and the surrounding areas. We have the tools, expertise, and experience to ensure that your rental units are properly sanitized between tenants so that you can establish a solid reputation as a great landlord.

Complete Cleaning Services

Apartments may not have a lot of square footage, but there are a number of different elements to consider when cleaning. From bathrooms and kitchens to carpets, baseboards, and windows, there are different products and tools that are appropriate for each task. Let our team provide the safe, efficient, and thorough cleaning services you need to get your unit ready for the next tenant.

Save Time and Money

Proper apartment cleaning between tenants requires a lot of tools, supplies, time, and money that you may not have. At Smith’s Janitorial, we can provide the peace of mind you need when you choose our commercial cleaning company. We have all of the necessary tools and supplies, which means we can save you time and money. When you have an unoccupied rental unit, you want to get it prepped and ready as quickly as possible to minimize the time between tenants. We can help.

Contact our Top Rated Local® commercial cleaning company today to get a quote on our apartment cleaning services. We are proud to serve businesses in Centre County and the surrounding areas, and we would love to serve you.

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We’ve always had an eye on the big picture, which is why we see ourselves as more than cleaning specialists. We’re allies for entrepreneurs like you, offering the support you need to keep your rental business going strong. With us, impressing clients with the cleanliness of your apartments is no longer a concern. Let us join your team — contact us to learn more today.