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We Provide High Quality Sanitation To Fight Against COVID-19

Smith's Janitorial should be your go- to for all COVID-19 disinfecting services. We are specialized in offering disinfecting services that will help fight against the virus. We are offering services such as:

  • Disinfecting: we use high quality cleaners to keep your work space clean
  • COVID-19 Fogging: we use a machine that disperses a "fog" over all surfaces. This deep cleaning machine allows us to ensure that every surface is touched and completely disinfected through our deep cleaning machine. We recommend using this service specifically to fight against COVID-19.

Why are we offering these services?

We want to do our part in protecting our clients and communities! The governor of Pennsylvania has mandated that essential (and operating) businesses clean their facilities daily. We are equipped with the team and tools to abide by this mandate and protect your employees and clients. Though many individuals believe that Clorox wipes will kill the virus, this is simply not the case. In order to fully protect your facility and everyone who visits, contact us today to get thorough and professional disinfecting services!

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